Strong Point

Attack on strong point at Ovillers

On 22 July the 143rd Brigade moved back towards the front line and on 23rd they took over from the 145th Brigade. On 23rd and 24th they made efforts to join up with the ANZAC Division but were prevented from doing this by an enemy strong point at X3b64. Therefore by this point the line had been pushed further north away from Ovillers-la-Boisselle.

The operation order (51) included the following:
5 Battn will hold this front along X4c42, X3d97, X3b81, X3d28 X3b11 and will get into touch with the ANZACS on the right wherever possible.
Later it stated
B Coy (2 platoons now in reserve to A Coy) will hold from X3b11 to X3b81.
1 platoon from X3b81 to X3d97
1 platoon about pt X4d42

On the 24th 'Further attempts were made at 7.30am and 4.30pm aided by artillery and stokes guns were unsuccessful - from subsequent aerial photographs and from information by prisoners it was found that X3b64 was strongly fortified and held by 3 machine guns and 300 men were in the vicinity ready to hold it. The point was evacuated at 10pm on the 25th and taken by the 7 R War R at 12 midnight the same date.'

Over the 2 days one officer and 4 other ranks were killed, 22 ORs were wounded and 2 were missing.

Soldiers who died records
23rd - Died of wounds --- 1
24th - Killed in Action - 5
25th - Died of wounds --- 1
27th - Died of wounds --- 2

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