6. Promise to Exodus

2083 Terah died (Gen 11.32)
  The Lord spoke to Abram and he left Haran when he was 75 (Gen 12.4) presumably shortly after the death of Terah.   The Lord first gave the promise to Abraham when he entered Canaan which was 430 years before the giving of the law in 2513 (Gal 3.17).
  Abraham continued south (Gen 12:9) and into Egypt.
2094 Ishmael was born to Abraham when he was 86 (Gen 16.16).
2107 The Lord again promised Abraham a son (Gen 17:1).
2108 Isaac born when Abraham aged 100 (Gen 17:25).
  Abram was also promised land.  The land was not conquered and allocated until 2559, which was “about” 450 years later (Acts 13.20).
  Abraham is promised an heir.  But he is told that his seed (descendants) will be strangers in a land not their own and will serve them and they will afflict them - 400 years (Gen 15.13 & Acts 7.6).
  If the 400 years is precise rather than rounded then it refers to the time from when Isaac was about 5 (2113) up to the Exodus (2513).  This would mean that the reference is to the time that the seed of Abraham were sojourners, strangers, rather than the time they were in Egypt or the time they were afflicted. The affliction obviously varied during this period.  Children would have been weaned about the age of 5 and it is therefore reasonable to take the 400 years as an exact number, although it is possible that it is rounded.
2144 Sarah died and Abraham acquired the burial plot (Gen 23.1-2)
2168 Jacob and Esau born (Gen 25.26)
2259 Joseph born (from Gen 41.46).  Jacob was 91.
2183 Abraham died
2288 Isaac died
2289 Beginning of the 7 years of plenty.  Joseph was aged 30 (Gen 41.46).
2298 Jacob goes to Egypt (cf Gen 47.28) after 2 years of famine (Gen 45.6).
  Thus the family of Israel were in Egypt for 215 years.
  From the birth of Levi to the birth of Aaron his great-grandson was around 180 years.
2315 Jacob died after 17 years in Egypt (Gen 47.28)
2369 Joseph died.
2430 Aaron born.
2433 Moses born (cf Ex 7.7).
  The Lord called Moses - in the same year, or just before the Exodus.
  Moses speaks to Pharaoh (when he was 80  - Ex 7.7)
2513 The Exodus (1491BC).

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