Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations

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Having been given a copy of Simon Jenkins “Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations” it was decreed that we should set ourselves the task of visting them.

Wemyss Bay

Visited during a short break to Strathclyde.

WeymssBay-09 2019-02-28

Shame about the bins.

WeymssBay-11 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-02 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-03 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-04 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-10 2019-02-28

Down to the foot passenger entrance to the Ferry Terminal.

WeymssBay-05 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-06 2019-02-28
WeymssBay-01 2019-02-28

Tower outside and ferry docked behind the sign on the left.

Glasgow Central

On a short break to Strathclyde we visited Glasgow Central station.

GlasgowCentral-06 2019-02-27
GlasgowCentral-01 2019-02-27
GlasgowCentral-04 2019-02-27
GlasgowCentral-02 2019-02-27
GlasgowCentral-03 2019-02-27
GlasgowCentral-05 2019-02-27

Manchester Oxford Road

On a day trip to Manchester we visited the three stations listed in 100 Best Railway Stations. Although we had been to all three previously this time we took in the archtectural features.

Oxford Road is notable because most of the station buildings are made of wood to reduce weight.

ManchesterOxfordRoad-01 2019-02-20
ManchesterOxfordRoad-02 2019-02-20
ManchesterOxfordRoad-03 2019-02-20

Manchester Liverpool Road

This station is no longer in use but is within the Museum of Science and Industry.

ManchesterLiverpoolRoad-01 2019-02-20
ManchesterLiverpoolRoad-02 2019-02-20
ManchesterLiverpoolRoad-03 2019-02-20
ManchesterLiverpoolRoad-04 2019-02-20
ManchesterLiverpoolRoad-05 2019-02-20

Manchester Victoria

ManchesterVictoria-01 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-02 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-03 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-04 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-05 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-06 2019-02-20
ManchesterVictoria-07 2019-02-20

Hamilton Square, Birkenhead

A day trip to Liverpool taking in a Lime Street and a train ride to Hamilton Square.

HamiltonSquare-01 2019-02-08
HamiltonSquare-03 2019-02-08
HamiltonSquare-04 2019-02-08
HamiltonSquare-01A 2019-02-08

Liverpool Lime Street

A day trip to Liverpool taking in a Lime Street and a train ride to Hamilton Square.

LiverpoolLimeSt-01 2019-02-08
LiverpoolLimeSt-02 2019-02-08
LiverpoolLimeSt-03 2019-02-08
LiverpoolLimeSt-04 2019-02-08
LiverpoolLimeSt-05A 2019-02-08


We had a day trip to Grange-over-Sands (and Kendal). Having parked at Kents Bank station we walked along the front to Grange-over-Sands station and then back along the roads.

GrangeOverSands 2018-11-02


We made a brief stopover at Penrith station on a visit to the town, which was more interesting than we remembered. Later in the day we visited the National Trust properties Acorn Bank and Keld Chapel.

Penrith-06 2018-04-13
Penrith-03 2018-04-13
Penrith-05 2018-04-13
Penrith-02 2018-04-13

Chapter : North-West

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We visited Ribblehead staion on a fairly wild and woolly day although it stopped raining for the time we were out of the car. Aside from the station and viaduct there isn’t much else to see although there are some displays in the station about its history.

Ribblehead-03 2018-04-06
Ribblehead-01 2018-04-06

Chapter : Yorkshire and the North-East

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