The third station on our Metro tour was Tynemouth. There were lots of stalls in the stations very large concourses, and we noticed a much afair along the line at Whitley Bay.

We caught the train from the same platform in order to go up the coast and round back to Jesmond. It took longer than we expected, not helped by a problem with the train’s doors at one point. The round trip from Jesmond to Newcastle Central, Tynemouth and back took over 2 hours in the end.

Tynemouth-01 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-02 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-03 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-04 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-05 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-06 2022-06-26

Tynemouth-07 2022-06-26

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