New Layout 2011 onwards


On moving in the middle of 2011 the previous layout would not easily fit in the available spaces.  In view of the limitations of the layout it did not take much deliberation to decide to dismantle it and begin a new layout.

The layout is  designed to fit in a standard garage, taking up about 2/3rds of the space.  There are two things I particularly enjoy about model railways, the first being design and the second just running trains.  I therefore spent quite a bit of time exploring the various options to allow a layout with lots of operational potential.  The final layout will be on two levels.   The lower level contains a double  track  circuit, a small station (nearly 5ft long), a return loop and storage for six 7ft long trains.  It took just over two and a half years to move from planning to having the baseboards made and track laid - but with virtually no electrics.

The upper level will also contain a double track circuit, a double track return loop, and a marshalling yard capable of handling trains of about 20 wagons.  It is my hope that the marshalling yard, able to receive 3 or 4 trains of stock, will provide operational interest.  It will be possible to run one continuous circuit covering both levels of the layout, or four continuous circuits, two on the upper level and two on the lower, to just let trains run.

The layout is 14' 4" by 7'. There will be five lover level boards and five upper level boards. One section is designed to remove relatively easily to allow access and so that the central area of the garage can be used for other purposes.

The layout will be powered with DCC (NCE ProCab). When the baseboards were built a double pole switch was incorporated in each board to through which the DCC current will be fed. Therefore the main DCC supply to each board was included at this stage too.  This allows the boards to be isolated in case of faults.  The sockets for the control cabs were also incorporated as the boards were built.

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