Angela by Wedgwood


The photocopies included here were kindly provided by the Wedgwood Museum.

Permission has been requested from the current owners of the wedgwood brand to show copies of the brochures but no response has been received.

>>Database of items from the Angela range<<

This list has been produced for reference only, no items are for sale.  If you have information about the proper names, reference numbers or dimensions not given, or of items not listed, please contact me.  Photos of boxes or items would be much appreciated.

The original table ware was described as Coupe/Can,  the later as Spiral Flute.  There were different ranges of giftware including a blue design but my information about these is scanty.  My thanks to the Wedgwood Museum staff and to various e-bay sellers who have kindly responded to questions.  Below are some brochures and lists.

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