This is a weblog to list updates to the website.  It is possible to receive notification of additions using the RSS feed.

French Packets

Seventy seven French packets have been added to the database.  These were all given to me by Pam Miller.


Best 100 Stations

A new section has been started in the hope that we manage to visit some of the stations in the book 100 Best Railway Stations.

French Sets

Another 75 packets have been added to the database of French sugar packets.

French Sets - search

I have added the ability to filter the list of French sugar packet sets using the manufacturer. I am fairly confident that I have a complete list of manufacturers in the drop down menu.

Final French Batch

The final batch of French sugar packets from Pam Miller have been added. This batch consisted of 148 packets. This makes 542 packets from Pam in total that have been added recently.


French Packets

Another 81 packets from French Sets have been added to the databse. Once again these were kindly sent to  me by Pam Miller.  There are still more to be added.

Another batch of French Packets

Another 79 French Sugar packets have been added to the database of packets.  These are again courtesy of Pam Miller.

French Packets

Another 74 French sugar packets have been added to the database. These were given to me by Pam Miller.

More French Packets

Another 85 French Packets have been added to the French Sets database courtesy of Pam Miller.

French Sugar Packets

I am grateful to Pam Miller of UKSC for sending me a large number of French sugar packets.  The first 75 of these have been added to my database.  This allowed me to add representatives of a further 15 sets.

Family Tree Changes

A variety of changes have been made to the Family Tree Pages.

Some additional records have been added, for example the railway records and a court case for Daniel Boucher.  Various research notes have also been revised.

More French Packets

A further 97 French sugar packets have been added. 

These were part of a collection given to me by Helen Georges.

French Sugar Packets

A further 48 French sugar packets were added to the database on 29th March and 125 were added on 1 April.

I now have more than 14,000 packets of my own which are catalogued on this website and the UKSC SUGARCAT database.

Responsive design

The main part of the website was changed to a responsive design on 21 March 2016.

Changes to the familiy tree part of the site are being tested.

I am not yet sure whether to change the sugar packet pages on this site, which will be done in conjunction with the UKSC SUGARCAT database.

Family Tree Updates

Various updates have been made to the family tree over the last couple of months with further details, maps for the Birmingham locations.

Model Railway

Latest version of the plans added.

Family Tree mods

Some small changes to the Family Tree subsite.

The names list now includes married women under both their maiden name and married name.

Portrait pictures added for James and Christianna Harris and their son James.

French sets

Another 177 French sugar packets added from the collection of Bill Howard.

Family Tree

Various updates made to the data on the Family Tree pages.

In particular some census details added and record from Birmingham Rate Books.

French Sugar Packets

More packets from French Sets have been added.  A total of 304 packets from the UKSC stock and more so from the collection of Bill Howard.

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