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Exile and Return - Apocrypha

Two further talks have been added to the series on the Exile and Return. There are a few books in what is known as the Old Testament Apocrypha which related to the time of the Exile. Therefore I have added a talk on the Apocrypha and now one on the the Book of Susanna which is probalby the first in time.

North East Stations

Another four stations taken in during a holiday to Northumberland. Hexham on the way and three in Tyne and Wear. We had intended to go between the latter by car with family but they met a friend instead and we did a bit of a tour of the Metro, starting at

North Yorkshire Stations - half way

Having begun visiting the 100 Best Railway Stations in January 2018, after 2 years and 3 months we have reched the half-way point of 50 out of 100. As we have visited all the nearby stations it is probably means the second half will take longer.

Two stations

We visisted Birmingham New Street and Leamington Spa stations in February 2022 making 48 of the 100 Best Stations we have visited.

Exile and Return

This series of online talks was begun in September 2021 and the sixth talk has been added on 18th January 2022.

The talks are intended to cover the period of history known from the Bible as the exile and return. …

Carlise Station

Pictures of a visit to Carlisle Station. This makes 46 out of the 100 stations.

Stations around Herefordshire

During a trip to Hereford we visited three nearby stations although only one of them was actually in Herefordshire.

Best 100 Stations - Hereford, Great Malvern (Worcestershire) & Dolau (Powys).

Two more stations visited

Photos of our trips to Beverley and York stations in Yorkshire.

We only managed 3 stations last year, but have visited 5 so far this.

100 Best Stations - two more

I have added photos of visits to Stoke-on-Trent, Gobowen and Berwyn stations. I notice that we had visited other stations since the last “update”. Now 29 of 100 done in three and a half years - slow progress.

French Set Packets

At the UKSC exchange meeting I obtained a lot of French set packets to check through. There were a coupole of sets I picked up from other collectors. Some were from an full album donated to the club although I am not sure who the donor was.  …

Best Railway Stations

In recent days pictures from visits to four of the 100 Best Railway Stations have been uploaded. The stations are Huddersfield, Durham, Darlington and Middlesborough.

French Packet Help Page

I have created a new page in the French sugar packets page.  It is referred to as a Help page but explains how the databases work and how to use the pages which display French sets and packets.


Carnforth and French Sets

Photos of a visit to Carnforth Station and another 33 French sugar packets added.

French Set Packets

Another 35 French set packets have been added to the database.

An “Additions” page has also been created on which intend to list the batches of packets added by date with a link.

Best 100 Stations - Sussex

On a recent trip south we visited three of the 100 Best Stations:


Battle and

Sheffield Park

Family Tree Pages

An explanation page has been added to the website giving details and links to the databases used on the pages and the extra pages.

Two new databases have been created one listing items and the second other documents.

French Packets

Another 139 French sugar packets have been added to the database.

French packets

Thirty nine French sugar packets have been added to the database.

Best 100 Stations - Manchester

Photos of three stations in Manchester added following a recent train ride into the city.

Oxford Road - Liverpool Road - Victoria

Model Railway Upper Boards

After about three years I have finally completed the top five baseboards for the layout, there being ten in total.

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