Exile and Return

This series of online talks was begun in September 2021 and the sixth talk has been added on 18th January 2022.

The talks are intended to cover the period of history known from the Bible as the exile and return. It saw the final decline of the nation of Judah, the taking into exile in Babylon of several thousand Israelites, the defeat by the Babylonians and destruction of Jerusalem, the exploits of some of the people in exile, the beginning of the return following the fall of Babylon and the years during which the city, Temple and city walls were rebuilt.

At St James church there are planned to be some sermon series from books of the Old Testament that will mesh in with the online talks. The first of these, in the autumn of 2021, was on the Book of Jeremiah. Not all those sermons were recorded, but where they were links are provided on this website.

The pages will also contain a chronology of events based on the testimony of the Bible, which is extensive and consistent. Within the chronology there will be links to the talks, supplementary talks and sermons showing how all these things fit together.

Overall the books of the Bible that relate to the period of the exile and return make up about one sixth of the whole and yet they are often not well understood or even ignored because the history of events can seem intimidating. It is my hope that these talks and surrounding resources will help people in undertanding the scriptures better, but more importantly in growing in faith in Christ, to whom the scripture point.

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